Huber Travels The World With Team USA

Wayne Huber keeps Olympic Beach Volleyball team healthy

Wayne Huber always wanted to be a part of a team, even if it meant he wasn’t playing.

“Actually decided when I was a sophomore in high school that Chiropractic was the direction I wanted to go. Unfortunately I realized too old that I was not going to make the NFL!” Wayne says.

That’s led to a nearly two decade career at Active Spine in Sioux Falls treating professional athletes in the NFL, MLB and locally with the Sioux Falls Storm.

And six years ago it also opened another door.

“Initially invited to do a two week rotation at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California. Must have done a couple things right so beach volleyball called a couple days after my rotation and wondered if I would be interested in traveling with them. And that was with what we call the A-3’s, so the more the development league. They said if I did a good job they would move me up to the A-1’s which would be, you know, Kerri Walsh and April Ross and so forth.” Huber says.

Now he’s the sports medicine director for the United States Olympic Beach volleyball teams.

“It’s intense the amount of space that the Olympic Athletes, the beach volleyball players can cover in such a short period of time. Some of these balls are coming in at 100 kilometers an hour.” Huber says.

Though Huber isn’t playing, it’s his job to insure that the rest of men’s and women’s squads are on the sand.

“Typically I’m the only doc there so whether it’s dealing with knee, shoulder, lower back, spine, ankles, it’s a variety of different things.” Huber says.

And it’s a team he’d like to be a part of….

“It’s incredible! The athletes are amazing individuals, they’re very appreciative. As long as they keep wanting me back I’m going to go!” Wayne says.

….For many years to come.

Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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