Gridiron Preview-SDSU’s New Football Home

Take A Look Inside The New Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium!

It took a cast of hundreds to make a place for Jackrabbit football to call home.

“On any given day there’s upwards of 150 to 200 people working in there. And upwards around 400 that have worked on the project in total.” SDSU Associate AD Jeff Holm says.

With the completion of the west side, the new Dana Dykhouse Stadium can hold 19,000, mostly without bleacher seats.

“All seats are going to be good seats. The really nice thing about this stadium is that all seats except for the student section have a back on them.” Holm says.

Unlike the 50 year old Coughlin/Alumni there are no shortage of fan amenities. With plenty of concessions and bathrooms behind the grandstands.

As well as 27 total suites.

“We are now up to the capabilities of handling the amount of people that come to a game.” Holm says.

The Jacks will play on field turf, giving them a surface that will be consistent and uneffected by South Dakota weather. And the team will have significantly more room to work on the sideline.

“We used to joke around about how people, on our old grandstands side, would kick us in the back of the head because they would be sitting right behind our bench. Being able to play on this surface it’s awesome. It’s actually flat, the other one was pretty much playing on a hill. It’s what everyone is going to, it’s what we’re used to, it’s awesome.” SDSU Junior Shayne Gottlob says.

Construction is complete. Now it’s time for SDSU to build a homefield advantage.

“How special it is, a bigger crowd, more energy, you have to be ready for that and I think we will be. This is a mature football team.” SDSU Head Coach John Stiegelmeier says.

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