Fiala A Man Of Many Uniforms In 2016

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He’s traveled a long way in 2016 without leaving Sioux Falls.

“Professional baseball, I mean, playing with the Pilots and the Vikings were just amazing experiences, but to get here where I am today, playing with a great group of guys in front of the hometown crowd is always pretty cool.” Canaries Infielder Patrick Fiala says.

Washington alum Patrick Fiala’s season started with the end of his Augustana career, one that saw him hit .365 with 22 homeruns and 108 RBI in his two seasons.

He didn’t get a call from a pro team, but he did get one from another team in Sioux Falls, the Cornbelt Collegiate League Pilots.

“I expected something to happen right away and it didn’t. Luckily I had good support and I played with the Pilots and that opportunity was really good because it allowed me to stay fresh.” Fiala says.

Hitting .346 with a team leading 23 RBI caught the eye of the Canaries.

“We needed a guy pretty quick. Saw Patrick’s numbers and they looked good so we said hey, lets give him a shot and see what he can do. He’s been a great asset to this team.” Canaries Interim Manager Shelby Ford says.

In eight games Fiala has hit .375 with a homerun and five RBI.

“I just think that I need to keep going about my business the way that I usually do and keeping productive. I mean, this business, every day is different, so as long as I keep doing that I hope to give myself a good shot for the future.” Fiala says.

“Especially in this league he’s been real relaxed. He’s been confident and that’s the biggest thing. You play with confidence you’re going to have good at-bats, you’re going to play good defense.” Ford says.

And this man of many jerseys hopes to add a few more before his baseball days are done!