We Got 99 Problems but 100° Ain’t One

Officially Four Years Since our Last 100° Day: A Look Back

Today may have seemed like an average day across the area for late August. Temperatures were into the low to mid 80s, there was a little bit of humidity, some sunshine, and a couple of afternoon storms, but in Sioux Falls it marked a significant occurrence. With an official high temperature of 85° today at the airport, Sioux Falls failed to reach the triple digits for the 1,461st straight day. For those math nerds out there, that is FOUR straight years to the day.

While we have seen a lot of heat and humidity this summer and have had “feels like” temperatures into the triple digits, but we have failed to record an air temperature at or above the century mark for four straight summers.

Does this mean we won’t have a chance to hit 100 degrees the rest of this year? Not necessarily, we have hit 100° as late as September 19th, but that was back in 1895. On top of that, we have only reached the triple digits 11 times total in the month of September in Sioux Falls. So while it’s not impossible, it is looking very unlikely that we will have that kind of heat this year, so if you’re a warm weather fan… like us Cubs fans…“there’s always next year!”

Four years is quite impressive, but that isn’t even close to a couple of other cities. It was 2002 the last time that Brookings had a temperature of at least 100°, meaning that there are some high school freshman in Brookings that have never lived through 100° air temperatures. While some have been fortunate enough to not reach that mark in more than 5 years and even a decade, others have had several days this year with at least 100°. Below is a list of when we last hit 100° in some cities.

This had us thinking, four years is a long time, what was making headlines and what were the kids talking about back then? Let’s take a look back to August 30 of 2012 to see what was going on!

In the weather world, Hurricane Isaac was making all the headlines, as the category 1 Hurricane roared through the Gulf Coast causing 2.5+ billion dollars’ worth of damage and killing 34 people.

Back in 2012 it was also a Presidential Election year. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were the respective nominees.

Hate to bring back bad memories, but gas prices. Woof: the average gas price was $3.85

The number one song in America back on August 30, 2012 was Whistle by Flo Rida

It was also an Olympic Year with the 2012 games taking place in London. The big stories out of the games were the USA Gymnastics team taking the All-Around team gold for the first time since 1996. Michael Phelps added to his legacy winning four more gold medals and two silver medals. Finally, Usain Bolt set an Olympic record by running the 100m dash in 9.63 seconds and winning gold in all three of his events!

A lot has happened between now and then and I don’t know about you, but I am just fine with keeping this streak alive!

Brandon Spinner
Chief Meteorologist
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