Greenway Ready For What Might Be Final Year

Mount Vernon Native Enters 11th Season

There’s no farewell tour planned for Chad Greenway.

“If these guys got you a rocking chair what would you do?”

“I’d sit in it! Yeah like any good farmer you sit on the rocking chair in the front porch. I think it’s a pretty basic principle!” Greenway says.

Because it’s hard to imagine a day where number 52 won’t be on the field.

“It’s gonna be weird man, it’s gonna be real weird. I don’t know. I don’t know if I want to think about that just yet.” Vikings Linebacker Anthony Barr says.

“Nah I don’t want to imagine it. I was so happy when they signed him back this offseason.” Vikings Defensive Lineman Brian Robison says.

If this is Chad’s final season he goes into it healthy, playing all 16 games last season after recovering from from injuries in 2014.

“I don’t think I have to do anything special or unique, just come out here and play good football. I mean I left off last season playing good and felt great.” Greenway says.

And with the same approach he’s taken in every year of football dating back to his days at Mount Vernon.

“It’s not a very fun game if you’re not having a good time doing it. It’s a child’s game and definitely something I loved as a kid and I want to have that mentality out here.” Chad says.

And that experience and perspective is almost like having another coach on the field.

“He’s seen everything. You know every play, every situation he’s been a part of, just having that knowledge that he can share with the rest of us is important.” Barr says.

So what do you get the guy from Mount Vernon who’s been playing football for two decades? Well his teammates say that Chad Greenway doesn’t want a going away tour but there is one gift they really want to get him.

“He want every guy to come out here, work hard and put in the time that he did and try to get him to that Super Bowl and win it for him.” Vikings Defensive Back Captain Munnerlyn says.

With the Vikings Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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