VA Medical Center Receives 6,000th Blood Donation

The Sioux Falls VA Medical Center hit a major milestone today with a grand total of 6,000 blood donations in 25 years.

Lisa Tidemann came in to give blood this morning and found out she was number 6,000.

She has donated a total of 19 pints of blood throughout her life. She says she tries to give blood when she can.

“I’m a veteran myself, so I have had awesome care here that i’ve had so just being able to help veterans and just help people in general it makes you feel good that you can help out,” Tidemann says.

The number of blood donations made with the VA has increased over the last 25 years. The staff knows how important the blood donations are. They give more than 300 a year themselves.

The Community Blood Bank says they could use more help from the public.

“You know just that first initial each individual rolling up their sleeve and impacting up to three patient’s lives goes a long way in the community,” says Ken Versteeg, the executive director of the Sioux Falls Community Blood Bank.

The 6,000 donations given by the VA is enough for up to 24,000 blood transfusions. Monday’s blood drive collected 65 blood donations.

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