Magic Show at Badlands Includes 24-Hour Bed of Nails Stunt

Travis Nye and z*stonish, the magician duo known for magic shows, stunts, mind-reading and mystery, will put on a unique show Saturday at Badlands Pawn involving a bed of nails.

Travis Nye will be laying on the bed of nails for 24 hours at Badlands Pawn and livestream.

4:30 – Preshow Party featuring a performance by Travis Nye & z*stonish. Magic, freak show stunts and more! Don’t miss it!

5:00PM – Travis begins laying on the bed of nails.

Each hour that Badlands Pawn Shop is open there will be interaction during the stunt. You won’t believe the things that will happen! Cinderblocks will be crushed, people will stand on top of him.. Etc. Crazy!

z*stonish will also be onsite 24 hours performing magic, mind-reading and other freak stunts.

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