Profile By Sanford Helps Feeding South Dakota During Hunger Action Month

September is Hunger Action Month for Feeding America, and Profile by Sanford has teamed up with Feeding South Dakota. For every entrée that is bought through Profile by Sanford, one is donated to Feeding South Dakota.

Hunger Action Month is a nationwide initiative with all 200 Feeding America locations to help feed communities.

Thomas Christiansen, a brand manager with Profile by Sanford, says it started out small with Profile working with Feeding SD and it grew into doing the campaign across the country. He says the two dishes that can be donated are the beef stew and chicken gumbo meals. He highlights that the meals are healthy, full of ingredients you can pronounce, and are filling too. For each of those meals bought, one will be donated automatically. The meals don’t have to be frozen– they will stay on the shelf, so you can buy a bunch at one time. Plus, you don’t have to be a member to purchase them.

Jennifer Stensaas, development associate with Feeding South Dakota, says this campaign helps the shelter because it’s a full meal and it’s healthy. She says Feeding SD is trying to do better about educating the public about donating items that someone would truly want to eat. She says the fact that the meals stay on the shelf is a great benefit.

For more information about buying the entrees from Profile by Sanford, click here.