A Few Days Left To Donate To The Great American Milk Drive

The Great American Milk Drive has been going on all throughout September. You can go to HyVee and let the cashier know you’d like to donate a gallon or half-gallon of milk, and they will send it to Feeding South Dakota!

Meredith Parrott from Feeding South Dakota says the drive has been extremely helpful so far. She says people always remember to donate canned goods, but sometimes forget about perishable items. Parrott says milk is an essential staple in many homes, and many kids drink it and need the nutrients it has. Milk is one of the highest in-demand items, but one of the least donated. It’s also one of the things that a little more expensive, so families often have to give it up.

Mark Lammers from HyVee says all seven Sioux Falls locations are participating. All customers have to do is tell the cashier that they’d like to donate either a gallon or half gallon, it will be added to their bill, and the milk will be given to Feeding South Dakota at the end of September.

Jeff “The Rev” Koller from KBAD Radio says so far nearly 9,000 gallons has been donated, but they want even more! People can donate throughout the rest of September. KBAD Radio gives updates on the Great American Milk Drive three days a week on their radio shows. Parrott added that the pantry is ready to stock all that milk in their new facility.

For more information about Feeding South Dakota, click here.