Healthy After School Snacks And Drinks For Kids

Sanaa Abourezk visits the KDLT Kitchen to talk about some healthy options for after school snacks for kids.

Here is more information about the products featured during the segment.

• Explore Cuisine | MSRP: $2.49 at
Swap college student’s favorite meal, ramen noodles with Explore Cuisine’s Instant Soybean Noodle Soups that are gluten-free, vegan (even their vegetarian chicken and beef flavors), and comes with a separate seasoning and sodium packet to control the sodium level. Each cup comes with a spoon to eat on the go or after, after-school activities.

• Sparkling Ice | MSRP: $1.19-$1.29 at major supermarkets nationwide
Swap unhealthy sodas with Sparkling Ice’s slim cans. These are great soda alternatives as its sugar-free, zero-calories and naturally fruit-flavored sparkling beverages. Even the pickiest kids won’t notice the difference!

• Gaea Olive Snack Packs | MSRP: $2.49 at major retailers nationwide
Swap chips with Gaea’s Olive Snack Packs which are low in calories, 100% natural and contains low salinity but still satisfies your salt fix that you crave from potato chips

• Go Organically Fruit Snacks | MSRP: $3.99
Swap candy with Go Organically Fruit Snacks that are 100% natural made with real fruit, and has Vitamin C, A and E, gluten-free.

• Viki’s Granola Snack Packs | MSRP: $11.99 (10 packs per box) and Carrington Farms Snack Paks | MSRP: $6.99-$8.99
Vicki’s Granola is available in smaller on-the-go bags, perfect for kids to keep in their backpack for afterschool sports or even on the bus ride home. Carrington Farms Snack Paks are healthy choices to eat with yogurt and milk instead of cookies.

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