SF Area Humane Society Reaches Maxiumum Capacity

The shelter currently has 98 dogs and 256 cats

From kittens to puppies, cats to dogs, the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society has them all.

Almost too many, the shelter is at maximum capacity, and the numbers are causing problems for both the workers and the animals.

“It takes hours upon hours just to clean this one room itself,” says kennel manager Luverne Aventi.

With 108 cats housed in just one of their rooms, saying the workers at the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society are busy, is an understatement.

“We can put them in an empty kennel we have, but then we have to clean the one they came out of, and go to the next one, and go to the next one; it’s a very long process,” explains Aventi.

In total there are 256 cats and 98 dogs.

Senior Humane Officer Andy Oestreich says last week alone, 32 new animals arrived at the shelter.

“It’s all day, every day, at night; it just goes on and on.”

She says these numbers could go down if more people spay and neutered their pets.

“In 9 years, if you have one male and one female, you’re talking thousands of cats because they have litters, at least a couple of times a year and that happens fast,” says Oestreich.

The humane society is a no-kill shelter.

So the only option they have to decrease the number of animals they have now, is to increase the number of adoptions.

Otherwise, “they’re going to start getting sick,” says Aventi. “If one cat had a little bit of something and another didn’t have a strong immune system, that cat can pick it up.”

This is why they need the public’s help.

“Having a forever home for them will help in so many ways,” says Aventi. “If you were stuck in this kennel for the majority of a day, it’s depressing. But having somewhere to run and your own people, it’s so helpful.”

Due to the high numbers, The Sioux Falls Area Humane Society is only accepting stray animals, and turning away all owner surrendered animals.

For more information on how to adopt, click here.

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