New Smoke Detectors In Sioux Falls Homes

Around 100 Homes In Most At-Risk Area Get New Devices

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue sees more incidents in the north part of Sioux Falls and the Cathedral District than any other area.

Over the last two days, Good Samaritan Society volunteers worked to make homes in Sioux Falls safer.

Several volunteers found themselves in Mary Harkema’s Sioux Falls home.

Their task: to install a new smoke and carbon monoxide detector in her house to replace her older, outdated ones.

For Harkema, the new detectors will help protect her home from any incidents, such as carbon monoxide poisoning.

“We didn’t even have that and I don’t know if our smoke ones work. They’ve been in here for so long,” said Harkema.

Mark Dickerson with the Good Samaritan Society said something as simple as a smoke detector often goes unnoticed.

“You don’t know you need it until you need it. At that point, it’s probably too late,” said Dickerson.

He said their work is the fun part for the volunteers.

“To be able to get out in the community and help people one-on-one and actually hands on help people on a daily basis is just wonderful for us,” said Dickerson.

Thanks to donations from businesses, sponsors and individuals, the upgrades are all free.

The Good Samaritan Society installed around 100 new devices in homes around the most at risk area.

Harkema said knowing her neighbors received upgrades as well can only make the whole neighborhood safer.

“If one house doesn’t have that stuff and catches fire, it can catch on to another house and another house and another house. If everybody has the good equipment in there then, I’ll feel a lot safer,” said Harkema.

The new equipment is expected to keep homes safe for at least the next ten years.

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue and the Good Samaritan Society goal for their partnership is to make sure all homes in Sioux Falls have the appropriate detection devices.