Athletico Shares Five “Life Hacks” To Simplify Your Day

We’re all looking for ways to make our lives a little less stressful and a little healthier.  Athletico Physical Therapy has a few “life hacks” that can get your day started on the right foot and lead you on to a life of health.

Ernie Christensen, a local Athletico Physical Therapist, says Athletico provides complimentary injury screening for those with aches and pains. He says its best to check it out ahead of time instead of waiting until its a real problem. Christensen also says they can provide help for a healthy lifestyle, like these five “life hacks.”

1. Wake up your muscles. Christensen says when you wake up in the morning, lay flat on your back on the bed, keep your legs together, bend your knees (keeping your feet on the bed) and rock your knees from side to side. This will engage your back muscles and wake you up faster.

2. Keep your neck neutral while sleeping. Christensen says people may be sleeping with the wrong pillow, too many pillows, or too small a pillow. He says back sleepers should make sure the pillow is just high enough to keep their head in line with the spine while laying down. Side sleepers should have enough pillows to fill the space between their shoulder and their head.

3. Take full breaths. This seems straight-forward, but Christensen says many people aren’t taking a full breath when they’re breathing. He says to make sure you are breathing through your abdomen– you should see your stomach rise and fall when you breathe. He also says this can help relieve stress.

4. Move throughout the day. Christensen recommends getting up and taking a short break to walk or stretch every 30 minutes. He says keeping a water bottle at your desk can serve two purposes: getting enough water in the day, and it forces you to get out from behind your desk and take a walk– to the bathroom!

5. Avoid text neck. Christensen says “text neck” is what happens when we stare at our phones for too long. It can cause a strain on our neck. He says to look up from your phone– you don’t need to be on it all the time, anyway!

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