CenturyLink Accepting Applications For Business Pitch Competition

In November, CenturyLink is holding a business pitch competition that lets you practice your pitch and get some helpful advice, too.

Rachel Woodman from CenturyLink says there hasn’t been a way for small businesses to have the opportunity to do a business pitch competition, mostly because there needs to be someone to provide money for those businesses and to hold the event itself.

Thad Giedd from The Bakery added that the competition, called Launch Pad, would be similar to Shark Tank, but will be more helpful and not as mean. Giedd says four to six businesses will give their pitches on one night. The budding companies will have to prove they are a legitimate business and explain how they would use the $5,000 if they win. A panel of judges and the audience will be allowed to ask them questions, and the judges will then choose who will be awarded the grant.

Woodman says if a company is considering competing, the deadline is October 14, and they will just need to fill out the application online. Giedd added that applicants will need to prove their company and have a use for funding.

The Launch Pad business pitch competition will be November 10 at 7 p.m. at The Bakery.

Click here to register your company.

Click here to RSVP to be in the audience of this free event.

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