Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Is This Sunday

The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk is already this Sunday, October 9. You can join the fight to find a cure and end breast cancer.

Crystal Erickson was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She says she found the lump herself, went in to have it checked, and was officially diagnosed May 25. By July 7, she had a double mastectomy and began chemo treatments soon after. Erickson says she just went through her third round of treatment last Wednesday, and after chemo is done, she’ll go through radiation. Erickson is the mother of three children, ages 3, 4, and 8, and she says she wants to make sure she’s there for them and they understand what’s going on.

Erickson adds the American Cancer Society has provided her with great help, from introducing her to other survivors, other women going through treatment like she is, and even providing booklets of information to help her explain her cancer to her children. She says it’s hard for a parent to tell their young child that a parent has cancer, but the books given to her by the ACS helped her to explain her “super juice” treatments at the hospital. She says the ACS has so many resources that she didn’t realize they had.

Erickson says throughout the whole process, she’s stayed very positive. She says while everyone’s experience is different, she isn’t sad about hers.

“You can laugh with me, you can cry for me, but don’t be sad for me,” she said. “I’m glad I’m going on this journey and i want to help people, and I want to tell everybody that getting breast cancer doesn’t have to be sad.”

This Sunday, October 9, the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk begins at 12:30 with a bunch of activities, then the walk begins at 2 p.m. It all starts at the Hilton Garden Inn and the walk will follow the bike path along the river.

It’s not too late to sign up! To register and find more information, click here.