Critter Corner: Battling Obesity

As we approach the colder months of the year, we’re guilty of eating more than usual and probably gaining a few pounds too. But our pets are no exception to that, and it’s important to make sure Fido, Fluffy, and Fifi stay healthy and trim.

Justin Shatto from Woofs & Waves says during the holiday months, we often give our food scraps to our pets, but that’s really not good for them. He says a study done last year showed that 50 percent of the cats and dogs in the study were overweight or obese, and 95 percent of those owners didn’t know they were obese. Shatto says give your pets a level scoop of food based on what your dog should weigh- not what they currently weigh. He says avoid giving your pet a heaping scoop, and don’t give them too many treats. Instead of rewarding your pet with treats, try rewarding them with quality time, like playing outdoors or going for a walk.

Malorie Adamson with the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society says the shelter still has hundreds of pets available for adoption, including Ricardo, an eight-and-a-half-year-old Australian Shepherd mix. Ricardo is out of his energetic puppy years, so he’s a little more relaxed and chill, but he loves attention. Ricardo would do best as the only dog in the house, but he does well with kids of all ages.

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