Madison Gears Up For Domestic Violence Awareness

Bulldogs Wear Purple Wristbands And Shoelaces For Support

The Madison Bulldogs football team is used to making highlight reel plays on the field.

For Friday night’s game against the Tea Area Titans, they want to make an impact off of the field.

With the help of purple wristbands and shoelaces, the Bulldogs want to raise awareness for domestic violence.

Defensive End Marcus Vanden Bosch said their games serve as a perfect platform thanks to an undefeated start to the season.

“We’ve been having a pretty good season. We’re pretty big role models around here,” said Vanden Bosch.

The Bulldogs are teaming up with the Domestic Violence Network in Madison to raise funds for a new shelter.

Executive Director Christy Vandewetering said a new shelter is an unfortunate need for the community.

“Right now, our shelter in the Madison community is full,” said Vandewetering.

Vandewetering said they believe this simple act of wearing purple gear can bring much needed attention.

“If we can raise awareness, more victims come forward and we can maybe save a few before it gets terribly physically like we’ve seen,” said Vandewetering.

Victim’s Advocate Rosee Hansen said they’re proud to be involved with the youth in their community, specifically the high school football team.

“It takes a community to help these families and this is a community that has come together to do that,” said Hansen.

The purpose of the message isn’t for the fans in the stands, alone.

Head Coach Max Hodgens said they want the message to go from their upperclassmen student athletes all the way down to their youngest player.

“We want to help them have the best influence, the most positive influence on as many of our younger students and student athletes as possible,” said Hodgens.

Madison High School Guidance Counselor Professional Stephanie Moore, who brought the idea to the team, said she’ll grateful of how open the players were to the idea.

“The fact that a topic that can be taboo and maybe not a cool thing, that they are willing to say “I don’t care about that, this is what’s important.” It means so much to me,” said Moore.

The Domestic Violence Network says a new shelter would cost them $200,000.

Going into Friday, they have raised $35,000 out of a $50,000 goal with their partnership with the Madison Bulldogs.

T-Shirts and a couple empty helmets were available for fans to donate towards the new shelther.

A GoFundMe page is set up for anyone interested in donating.

The link to that page can be found here.