Non-Resident Pheasant Hunting Is Underway

Saturday Marks The Start Of The New Pheasant Season In South Dakota

The sights and sounds of Pheasant hunting is back in South Dakota.

Saturday marked day one of Non-Resident hunting in the state.

Williamsburg, Iowa resident, Tom Weatherford said the Rushmore state provides a style of hunting that can’t be found anywhere else.

“You’ve got to experience South Dakota. I can’t explain it. It’s just something you have to experience,” said Weatherford.

Opening day for non-resident hunters brings excitement from around the country.

Greensboro, South Carolina resident, Jeff Grannen said opening day marks the end of a yearlong countdown.

“It’s like every two months, eight weeks and we’re going to go hunting! Six weeks and we’re going to go hunting! I’ve got to buy something new. You buy new pants or you buy new boots or you bring another shotgun,” said Grannen.

For hunters like Saturday’s group at A-1 Al’s Pheasant Lodge in Emery, they said they like to come back to the same spot each year.

Grannen said thrill he get from pheasant season is more than seeing the birds.

They take it as an opportunity to meet up with their hunting family.

“You don’t laugh at the good shots, you laugh at the bad shots. You laugh at the birds that got away and you could’ve hit them with a rock and your buddy missed all three shots,” said Grannen.

For Weatherford, the excitement of the first day comes at an impending price.

“You wait all year long and you come up and hunt and it’s over. There’s just a little bit of letdown but you just can’t wait to get back for the next year,” said Weatherford.

Pheasant season in South Dakota is permitted in open areas from Saturday, October 15th until January 1st, 2017.