The Daily Scoop 10-18-2016

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Relive the golden age of space invaders in “Independence Day: Resurgence.” This summer sequel comes 20 years after the original. The world has enjoyed two decades of peace after defeating alien attackers and stealing their technology. But revenge comes correct and the puny humans may have trouble keeping home court advantage.

It’s a family affair for Pink in the bonus features for “Alice through the Looking Glass.” The pop star wrote the theme song for this fanciful film. It chronicles Alice’s return to Wonderland after a long absence and her search for a mad hatter who’s looking for his family in a literal race against time.

Jesse Eisenberg meets Kristen Stewart in “Cafe Society.” This is the third time the pair have met onscreen. This time they’re part of a Woody Allen period piece with Eisenberg moving from the Bronx to Hollywood and back again with his heart making just as many moves.

A mystery ride leads to homicide in “The Night Of.” This HBO series follows college student Nasir Khan as borrows his dad’s taxi to go to a party and ends up charged with murder after a woman is found dead inside his cab.

Sam Brad-water? Teddy Bridge-ford? Who is that??

A photo used during FOX’s NFL broadcast has caused some commotion among Vikings fans. It appears to be Sam Bradford’s head photoshopped on Teddy Bridgewater’s body.

But the Vikings are taking the gaffe in stride.

The team tweeted out several photoshopped photos of Bradford landing on the moon, crossing the Delaware as George Washington, and as the brilliant Albert Einstein. They even have a picture of Bradford taking the ring as legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.

Target Yanks Clown Costumes

Target has quietly pulled some clown masks from its stores and online out of sensitivity for the “creepy clown” scare that’s spreading across the nation.

A Target spokesperson has told our NBC sister station KARE 11 in Minneapolis that there were only a few in-store clown mask options in stores and those are no longer available for purchase. Target has also edited down its clown assortment online.

Police in several states, including Minnesota, have been dealing with threats and pranks related to people wearing clown masks.

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