The Daily Scoop 10-19-2016

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Emotional Support- Duck??

A duck on an airplane? Well, it happened on a recent flight from Charlotte to Asheville in North Carolina.

Daniel is an emotional support duck that was allowed on the flight to support a passenger worried about flying. Daniel seemed to relax all those on the flight, wearing his red booties and Captain America diaper, and quietly quacking while looking at the window. 

According to his owner, Daniel is a four-year old Indian Runner duck and certified for his emotional support services despite not being able to fly himself.

Firefighters Do Some Yardwork

A group of Rhode Island firefighters went beyond the call of duty on last Friday afternoon.

After responding to a medical emergency in Westerly, members of the Dunn’s Corner Fire Department finished the homeowner’s yard work that he had begun before the medical episode.

Officials say the elderly man told them he was “more concerned” about finishing the yard than about himself. So, that’s when they decided to take action. They said they were happy to give back to their community.

Slithering Surprise

A Florida driver had a slithering surprise over the weekend.

Tim Mokwa was driving home from work when a snake joined him! In his Facebook post, Mokwa says the 6-foot-long serpent popped its head out from under the hood and tried to come in the window.

Mokwa also says the video doesn’t even show the entire snake.

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