Limiting Your Kids’ Sugar Intake This Halloween

With Halloween less than two weeks away, your children are going to be getting pounds and pounds of candy and sugar that they no doubt will want to eat all in one sitting.

But there’s a few things you can do to limit their sugar intake, and save yourself a headache!

Tiffany Krogstad, a Sanford Health registered dietitian, says children should only get about 25 grams of sugar according to the American Heart Association. She says in a typical night, children may be eating ten to 20 pieces of candy, which is the equivalent of 20 to 40 grams of sugar! She says even the little candies can have a lot of sugar– a handful of Hot Tamales is 25 grams of sugar, four Starburst have 16 grams, and even a single Hershey Kiss has 4 grams.

Krogstad says to think of Halloween like a vacation– it’s not something you do everyday. She says to talk to your kids about moderation when eating any foods, and talk about how important fruits and vegetables are, too. Another tip she shared was to feed your kids a meal before trick-or-treating to curb their hunger to ensure they aren’t eating candy while they’re out. She says some good alternatives families can hand out instead of candy would be bouncy balls, bubbles, pens, small toys, etc.

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