Fitness Friday: Fitness Halloween Costumes

This Halloween, you have a multitude of options for a costume. Chris and Annie Mello from CPMFITness have a few more ideas for you.

Annie suggests going as a yoga instructor or perhaps going with the retro 80s vibe with jazz shoes and leg warmers. Chris dressed up as Michael Phelps– probably because they are both so tall. He says dressing up as an athlete or anything fitness-related can help keep fitness and health on your mind. Plus, the items you might buy for your outfit can always be used in real life in the long run!

Monday, October 31, CPMFITness will be holding special Halloween-style classes all day long, even using pumpkins to exercise! Annie says if you dress up in costume, you can even get a free class.

For more information about CPMFITness, click here.