Krebs Helps Prepare Voters For Their Ballots

Secretary of State Visits DWU To Answer Questions, Concerns

Three weeks from now, the United States will know who its next president will be.

From now until November 8th, voters can decide what changes they want to see at the national and state levels.

In South Dakota, however, Secretary of State Shantel Krebs hopes to get a certain group of voters out.

“Specifically in South Dakota, the 18-30 year old category, we do lag behind nationally as far as turnout,” said Krebs.

Krebs visited students and members of the public at Dakota Wesleyan University Thursday afternoon to go over the upcoming ballot.

Krebs said she wants to get potential voters confident about the measures in front of them at the polls, as well as gaining faith in the election process.

“Our message is to make sure that you’re involved so that you can say and have a say and to build that trust and make sure a candidate earns that trust by being able to communicate and ask the questions that they want to know about,” said Krebs.

The Secretary of State fielded questions involving several constitutional amendments and initiated measures that will appear on the ballots.

She said educating voters is the best way to make them believe their vote matters.

“We even use the example that in South Dakota state law, in a municipal race, that if it’s a tie vote, which happens in local races, it ends up as a drawing of lots as required by state law. It could be a flip of a coin in a particular local race,” said Krebs.

 Dakota Wesleyan Senior, Brittni Butler, said she makes it a priority to be involved in the election process.

“It’s so interesting to get to know the different issues and stuff because it does affect our everyday lives,” said Butler.

She said Krebs’ visit to campus Thursday will go a long way come November.

“To have somebody come in and talk to us about it, it’s huge. A lot of the language is so confusing when you do try to look it up,” said Butler.

The voter registration deadline in South Dakota for the November election is next Monday, October 24th.

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