Taking A Closer Look At Amendment V

Vote Yes or No For Nonpartisan Elections

Those who have already voted may have noticed this year’s ballot is lengthy with around ten ballot issues ranging from the a victim’s rights after a crime to lowering the minimum wage in South Dakota. Leading up to the election KDLT News is breaking down important measures continuing Tuesday with Amendment V.

The ballot item calls for nonpartisan elections in the future. Supporters say removing party affiliations means people would vote based on policies and not parties. In addition, it could also create new opportunities for one group of voters.

“Independents can’t vote in the Republican Primary,” explained Chairman for Vote Yes for Amendment V Rick Knobe.  “There’s a hundred and fifteen thousand Independents in the state that are banned from voting in the Republican Primary and that’s the most important primary in the state of South Dakota.”

However, opponents say that removing the party affiliations will actually take away transparency to voters.

“Any time you want to make a decision, especially about who is going to represent you and who’s going to make decision about public policy,” says Representative Don Haggar for District 10 (R), “more information is always better. Amendment V, in essence, is an anti-transparency decision.”

Opponents also say the process in place now has resulted in a high quality of life, low tax rates, no income tax and an excellent economy.