Woman Kidnapped By Ex-Boyfriend In Sioux Falls

Jon Henri Bryant, Sr., 60, Faces First Degree Kidnapping Charges

Jon Henri Bryant, 60, is behind bars after police say he kidnapped his ex-girlfriend this morning.

Authorities say the 37-year old victim was forced into the trunk of Oldsmobile Alero at her own home and driven east towards Minnesota.

At 8:24 Tuesday morning, the victim called metro communications, telling them she was kidnapped.

She told law enforcement that Bryant punched and strangled her and forced her into the trunk.

Officer Sam Clemens with the Sioux Falls Police Department said she spent ten minutes on the phone with dispatch before the call was disconnected.

“We were able to find a license plate number and figure out where he was going,” said Officer Clemens.

Due to the accurate details provided by the victim, police were about to find her and Bryant in an alfalfa field about a quarter mile west of the Minnesota border.

Captain Michael Walsh with Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office said her help to law enforcement is not seen often.

“I think it’s pretty rare in an incident like this that we have the sort of details that we had from her,” said Cpt. Walsh.

Cpt. Walsh said Bryant didn’t stop after law enforcement set up a perimeter.

“The suspect attempted to drive away with the victim still in the car. Deputies were able to get the vehicles stopped, rescue the victim and take the suspect into custody,” said Cpt. Walsh.

Authorities found the woman with minor injuries.

Bryant is charged with first degree kidnapping as well as aggravated assault, second degree robbery and interference with emergency communications.

Cpt. Walsh said it is still unclear what Bryant’s motive was for the kidnapping.

“I’m sure the investigation will show maybe where this suspect was headed as far as his intentions but her ability to help us out certainly could have saved her own life,” said Cpt. Walsh.

Several law enforcement agencies worked together to arrest Bryant, including South Dakota Highway Patrol, Sioux Falls Police, Rock County Sheriff’s and Minnesota Highway Patrol.