Man Accused Of Kidnapping Ex-Girlfriend Makes First Court Appearance

Police: John Henri Bryant, 60, Forced Ex-Girlfriend Into Her Trunk, Drove East

A man who police say kidnapped his girlfriend and forced her into the trunk of her car Tuesday made his first appearance in court Wednesday.

Jon Henri Bryant, 60, is facing first degree kidnapping as well as aggravated assault, second degree robbery, stalking and interference with emergency communication charges.

Authorities said Bryant drove his 37 year old ex-girlfriend into southwest Minnesota and then back into eastern South Dakota.

Thanks to details provided by the victim, police were able to find her and Bryant in a field a quarter mile west of the Minnesota border.

Sgt. Sean Kooistra with the Sioux Falls Police Department said they do not know Bryant’s intention but are worried where it was heading.

“If you take the circumstances of an individual placing another individual into the trunk of a car and driving out to a remote area, just that infomation alone, anyone can sit there and say that this could definitely have had a devastating circumstance,” said Sgt. Kooistra.

Police also said Bryant tried to escape after the set up a perimeter around the field.

They were able to disable the car and take him into custody.

Sgt. Kooistra said the victim is alive and well with no serious injuries.

They say she is currently dealing with the emotional shock of the incident.

Sgt. Kooistra also praised metro communications dispatchers for their work during Tuesday morning’s kidnapping.

The victim was able to identify the vehicle for law enforcement during a ten minute 911 call.

“No matter how much we prepare for something like this to happen, when it happens, it’s very quick. When things move very quickly and our dispatch center has to take all of that information, work with multiple agencies, with the channels on the radio, to make sure everything is coordinated properly. They were a big part of this, they really were,” said Sgt. Kooistra.

Sioux Falls Police coordinated with the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office, South Dakota Highway Patrol, Brandon Police Department, South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigations, Rock County (MN) Sheriff’s Office, and Minnesota Highway Patrol.