Excitement Builds For Upcoming Concerts At Badlands Pawn

Just as the summertime sprint car races began to wind down, concert season at the Badlands is revving back up. But this season, there’s a few changes being made.

Jeff “The Rev” Koller, shock jock at KBAD Radio 94.5, says fans will see some return acts and new concerts coming to Badlands Pawn. Tonic, Purple Reign, and Hairball are among the bands returning to the stage, along with new performers at Badlands Everclear, Jason Bonham’s Led Zepplin Experience, Kix, Winger, and more. Foreigner will also take the stage as a kick-off for their 40th anniversary tour on April 1. The Badlands House Band will also be travelling the country for their own concerts as well. And for fans who asked and asked– concerts are now going to be on Saturdays instead of Thursdays.

For more information about individual concerts and tickets, click here.