Sioux Falls Cubs Fans Living The Dream

Chicago Cubs Play First World Series Game At Wrigley Field Since 1945

There’s no question that Don Rose’s sports bar, Shenanigans, is Chicago Cubs country.

After more than a century without a World Series title, however, the question was when will be the next one.

Now, that lingering cloud has a light shining through it.

The Cubs went into Friday night’s game three against the Cleveland Indians tied at one game apiece.

Three more wins at Wrigley Field and the Cubs lift the curse and their first World Series trophy since 1908.

Rose said he has seen too many close call moments as a lifelong fan.

“I can remember in 1969 when the Cubs were up nine and half games going into September and didn’t get in. I can remember in 1984 they won two in a row and went out to San Diego and got swept. I was there the night [Steve] Bartman touched the ball so we’re excited we want this to be reality,” said Rose.

A weight came off many fan’s shoulders after the Cubs won the National League pennant versus the Los Angeles Dodgers.

That wasn’t the case for Rose.

“Now there’s maybe more of a weight than coming off our shoulders because we’ve talked about if they get there, they’ll win. Well now we got to hope they win,” said Rose.

The only person in Rose’s family that was alive to see the Cubs hoist their last World Series trophy was his grandfather.

He said the thought of joining him as a witness to a Cubs championship is almost unbelievable.

“It’d be awesome, just like if the Vikings win the Super Bowl someday, that’ll be awesome, too. We haven’t had as many tries as the Vikings have but it would be awesome,” said Rose.

The Cleveland Indians ended up winning game three versus the Chicago Cubs, 1-0.