Helping A Friend Through Self-Defense

Friends Of Domestic Violence Victim Raise Expense Money With Self-Defense Class

Carri Herl was going to visit her friend on the evening of Tuesday, October 11th.

She said when she got to her apartment on the 4300 block of west 58th Street, Sioux Falls Police were there to tell her what happened.

“I am still trying to process the event,” said Herl.

Authorities say 45-year old Antonio Ledbetter punched and strangled the pregnant mother of his child and then cut her nipples off with a pair of scissors.

Herl said she still hurts almost three weeks later.

“It didn’t happen, physically, to me, but mentally, I still am having a hard time believing that it happened to her,” said Herl.

Following the incident, Herl wanted to help her friend and other women.

As a trainer at Ultimate Fitness for Women in Sioux Falls, she knew a way.

“We have this great gym and we have this guy at our fingertips to teach us, I am not going to pass that up,” said Herl.

The man Herl refers to is retired MMA World Champion, John Devall.

He has taught self-defense for more than five years.

When he received a call to help teach in Sioux Falls, he said he didn’t know about the incident.

“They told me it was something domestic I didn’t know what to expect. When I was told, it just gave me chills. I can’t believe people can do that kind of stuff,” said Devall.

He teaches maneuvers including breaking out of a bear hug or a choke hold.

Simple techniques he believes can save someone’s life.

“If anything I can show would save somebody from every having something like this happen to them, that means the world to me,” said Devall.

 Herl said feels she owes it to her friend and her family to learn how to protect herself.

“I don’t want to put my friends and family through what her friends and family are going through and what she is going through,” said Herl.

The self-defense class cover charge of $20 per person will be donated to help the victim with any of her recovery expenses.

Herl said the victim is doing “very well” physically while going through recovery.

She said the victim is still building herself up, emotionally.

A GoFundMe Account was set up to help with the victim’s recovery expenses at this link.

Authorities say Tony Ledbetter faces eight counts of domestic aggravated assault.