Absentee Voting Numbers Predicted To Surpass 2012 Election

South Dakota Secretary of State Shantel Krebs is predicting that absentee voting numbers for this year’s presidential election will surpass the total cast in 2012.

As of Tuesday, over 80,000 absentee ballots had been cast in South Dakota. In 2012, there was a total of just over 91,000.

Krebs says that voter registration in the state has reached an all-time high. Over 544,000 people have registered to vote in the state.

“It is great to live in South Dakota where citizens do not take their right to vote for granted. I am proud to see our voter registration reach an all-time high,” Krebs says.

For this year’s election, over 252,000 people are registered as Republican, about 171,000 are registered as Democrat and about 119,000 are registered as Independent.

The more recently state established Libertarian Party has over 1,600 people registered and the Constitution Party has 500.

Ten years ago, just over 507,000 people were registered to vote in South Dakota. For a complete list of numbers, visit the secretary of state’s website.