Handgun Stolen In Sioux Falls Recovered In Chicago Shooting

A handgun stolen from a vehicle in Sioux Falls has been recovered after it was used during a drive-by shooting in Chicago.

Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says on Sept. 3, a person was standing on the sidewalk when a car drove up, shooting the person in the hand. Police found the gun that was used on Sept. 27. After entering the serial number into the NCIC database, they found the .45 caliber Kimber handgun was stolen in Sioux Falls around September or October 2013.

“It’s hard to say if the person who stole it in Sioux Falls took it directly to Chicago or if it exchanged hands a few times,” Clemens says. “When you have a gun that’s stolen you never really know where it’s going to end up or what it’s going to be used for.”

Clemens says that the Sioux Falls Police Department finds that guns are stolen from cars about once a week.  He says for gun owners who keep their firearms inside their cars, to lock them.

The owner of the stolen gun may get it back once legal proceedings are complete.