The Daily Scoop 11-1-2016

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Cast members work on sound effects in the bonus features for “Star Trek Beyond.” This latest voyage of the starship Enterprise takes the crew to the farthest reaches of space. They encounter a relentless enemy who takes the ship down, but they also find a dogged ally determined to help the officers rejoin the federation.

Mila Kunis gets lunch on the go in the DVD extras for “Bad Moms.” This mom-com pits Christina Applegate and her perfect PTA against Kunis and other working mothers. These candle-burners don’t have time for every business meeting and bake sale so they decide to play hooky.

Cillian Murphy prepares to fire the first shots of rebellion in “Anthropoid.” This is based on the true story of a mission to assassinate one of Hitler’s highest-ranking officers knowing that failure would be suicide for the agents, while success could bring a Nazi crackdown on Czechoslovakia.


A football player becomes a hero in unexpected ways in “Gleason.” This documentary follows former New Orleans Saint Steve Gleason. His blocked punt gave the Saints an inspirational win in their first home game after Hurricane Katrina. But Gleason was later diagnosed with ALS, and started the film as a video diary to his son.

Boy Dresses as Donald Trump’s Hair

A Wichita, Kansas boy’s costume is polling well in the Halloween costume design election. Ten-year-old Gage Devader dressed as republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s hair.

His mom says she got the idea a few weeks ago at her husband’s hair appointment. She says she used an umbrella, grass skirts, and poster boards to create the infamous comb over look, complete with a “make America great again” hat.

Gage’s mom says she shared the photo on social media hoping to provide a few good laughs and didn’t expect it be this “huge.” She says the costume is not a political statement and was all in good fun.

Today Show Halloween Throwback

The Today show gang returned to the 90s yesterday for Halloween.

Carson Daly kicked off the annual Halloween costume reveal by returning to his MTV roots as host of “Total Request Live.” Willie Geist and Tamron Hall showed they had all the right moves as they recreated the memorable dance from the movie “Pulp Fiction,” which starred John Travolta and Uma Thurman. Al Roker dressed up as the 90s unmistakable nerd Steve Urkel from “Family Matters.” Savannah Guthrie was the iconic Vanity Fair cover showing a nude pregnant Demi Moore. Daly returned to the plaza on a motorcycle as the Terminator.

Kathie Lee Gifford also paid tribute to her talk show days of “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee” with Gifford portraying Regis Philbin and Hoda Kotb portraying Gifford.

And finally, Matt Lauer paid tribute to Jerry Seinfeld, complete with the puffy shirt as well as an appearance by former today anchor Bryant Gumbel.

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