Waltner Continues Tradition Of Great QB’s At BV

Alex Waltner follows in footsteps of QB excellence at Brandon Valley

Chad Garrow’s Brandon Valley offense is one of the best and most complex in the state.

Aelx Waltner, BV Sr. QB:”It takes work. You can’t just come here by yourself and think you’re going to know it…”

Producing a bevy of college quarterbacks like Austin Sumner, Chase Marso, and Jake Comeaux….

While leaving a lot to live up to for the next man in, Alex Waltner.

Chad Garrow, BV FB Coach:”They’ve all be different. He’s very intelligent and one of the top in his senior class, so in that way he’s kind of like Chase was as far as smart and everything. But he’s got some athleticism…”

The senior got his first shot last year and had a steep learning curve.

Waltner:”Week one last year I was a little iffy on my passes and I wasn’t as confident. I’ve always looked up to Chase Marso and Jake Comeaux and they’ve always helped me out a lot and I’ve learned a lot from them, staying behind them. This year it helps a lot having a good team and I’ve been playing with these guys so we’re really comfortable together…”

With time Alex became a threat on his own terms, adding a running element to the Lynx attack.

Garrow:”Last year in the playoffs we ran him a little bit more. He brings a lot of great intangibles, he’s a great leader, he’s one of our captains and the kids really look up to him…”

Now he’ll try and do something his predecessors couldn’t.

Waltner:”Everybody thinks Sioux Falls is on top again this year but I think we think a little differently. We’re confident but we’re fine being the underdogs…

Take the Lynx to a state championship.

In Brandon, Zach Borg, KDLT Sports…