SFPD On Des Moines Officer Shootings: ‘It’s just an example of how dangerous this job can be.’

Anytime a department loses and officer, Sioux Falls Police say they mourn with them. Police say they are showing their support with a small gesture.

When an officer dies in the line of duty, Sioux Falls Police wear black bands on their badges, also known as mourning bands.

Officer Sam Clemens said, “It’s a small gesture that we can do to show that we’re supporting the Des Moines Police Department and we’re feeling their pain as well.”

Unfortunately, they’ve had to wear them too often. Today, the bands are attached to their badges in honor of the two officers killed in an ambush in Des Moines. In July, police wore them for the five officers who were shot and killed in Dallas. They did again in February for a Fargo Police Officer who died during a standoff.

“When a police officer dies in the line of duty, it’s just an example of how dangerous this job can be,” said Clemens.

No matter the department, police say there’s a brotherhood that comes with working in law enforcement. But even with new recruits, they don’t sugar coat what can happen on the job.

Clemens said, “The officers know that. Every officer that works in law enforcement knows that there’s danger and when they go out to work, that day could be their last.”

Police say all they can do is try to at least learn from what happened.

“Is there something we can do differently, is there something we need to change to make sure we stay safe,” said Clemens.

Police say they’ll wear the bands until the two officers in Iowa are laid to rest. They say they’ll likely send officers to Des Moines for the funeral services.

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