Voters React To President-Elect Donald Trump

Voters Have Mixed Emotions With Idea Of Trump Administration

The 45th President of the United States is official.

Republican candidate Donald Trump won an improbable victory over Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College.

Less than one day later, South Dakota voters are reacting to the idea of President Trump.

Trump won the state of South Dakota, convincingly, with a 62 to 32 margin.

Third-party voter Nathan Bachman was glad to see Hillary Clinton lose wasn’t excited to see Trump win.

The biggest surprise for him was Trump’s ability to flip historically blue states, red.

“It’s just amazing because Wisconsin almost always goes blue. He obviously pulled a lot of people, made a lot of people stay home or Hillary made a lot of people stay home with the Bernie [Sanders] fiasco,” said Bachman.

For voters who opposed a Trump presidency, they hope the country can find a way to come together.

Mason Maxwell said all he can do is hope for this message.

“We hopefully have moderation take control over everything else and that on all sides, we can come together, regardless of political differences in the past,” said Maxwell.

Lauren Davis said she wants people to embrace their neighbors after a brutal campaign season.

“Donald Trump is simply just a face to be angry at but all-in-all, we all have to own up to what we all deal with and I think love will conquer all,” said Davis.

Despite the polarizing results, voters like Bachman tread with cautious optimism.

“I don’t think it’s going to be the end of the world like a lot of people think it’s going to be. We have checks and balances for reason,” said Bachman.

Donald Trump won the presidency despite Hillary Clinton’s victory in the popular vote.