SD Prisoners Refurbish & Donate Bicycles

A state prison offers inmates the chance to give back to the community with a little elbow grease.

The Mike Durfee State Prison in Springfield has a dozen inmates working year-round to fix up old bicycles, making them usable once again.  Once the bikes are refurbished, the prison donates them to different organizations and communities, who then give them to people in need.  At last night’s law enforcement dinner in Sioux Falls, the prison presented 400 of the bikes.  Inmates fix up about 1,000 a year and the prison usually give the bikes away to churches and other charitable groups.

The prison says this effort helps adults and kids who could use two wheels and the inmates gain a lot in the process.

“I think it gives the guys working on them a chance to give back, that’s important for some of the offenders.  It helps them build some self-esteem, knowing they’re giving back to community.  They haven’t had that opportunity to give back before,” says Travis Tjeerdsma with the Mike Durfee State Prison.

If any organizations are interested in receiving donated bikes, you can call the state prison at at (605)369-2201.

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