South Dakota Politicians Talk Trump Transition, Protests

While President-Elect Trump Prepares Team, Nationwide Protests Continue

The transition of power is under way.

President-Elect Donald Trump met with leaders such as President Barack Obama, House Speaker Paul Ryan, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell this week.

The transition however has been anything but smooth.

Protests and rallies have emerged all over the country against what, they say, was hateful rhetoric during Trump’s campaign.

With some still surprised by Tuesday’s outcome, South Dakota District 15 Senator-Elect Reynold Nesiba said voters were looking for change.

“I think many people voted for Donald Trump, not necessarily out of racial animosity or xenophobia or dislike of women that voted for him. They wanted to see fundamental change in an economic system that hasn’t been responsive to them,” said Nesiba.

South Dakota delegates such as Senator John Thune and Representative Kristi Noem said they hope the transition will settle in due time.

“I would hope that people even who didn’t vote for Donald Trump or feel strongly that he’s not the right person will give him the opportunity to stand up his team, his administration and take a deep breath and a step back and let things move forward,” said Sen. Thune.

“I know that not everybody voted for him or supported him but I’m certainly hopeful that we can recognize that he is going to be our president in just a short period of time,” said Rep. Noem.

Rep. Noem also said Congress can work to quell any fears voters have about a Trump presidency.

“We’re all elected by the people of this country. We’re responsible to them and we go there and represent them and we’ll be the check and balance that they’re hoping we’ll be,” said Rep. Noem.

Protests continued Saturday around the country, including in New York.

Sen. Thune said he respects their first amendment right to demonstrate, but cautiously.

“I would just encourage them to do it in a way that’s lawful and I’ve seen some of the protests that have been occurring around the country and I don’t think that serves anybody’s purpose very well if they commit acts of violence and do things that aren’t lawful,” said Sen. Thune.

President-Elect Trump is still working to fill positions for his administration’s cabinet.

Protests of Donald Trump moved to an international stage on Saturday as protests against the president-elect broke out in Berlin, Germany.

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