Spanish Immersion School Updates Progress

Sioux falls’ newest elementary school has half a semester under its belt and school officials say things are going well.

The principal and a couple students from Sonia Sotomayor Spanish Immersion Elementary School gave the downtown rotary club an update on school progress Monday.  At the school, teachers and students communicate entirely in Spanish.  The principal says, so far, everything has been great, mostly because now students and teachers are all under one roof.  Before this year, the Sioux Falls School District offered the program in three different locations.

“We have teachers who have come from 18 different countries.  Some of them have taught in one-room schools, some of them have taught in pretty less-than-favorable conditions.  Many teachers have dreamt their whole careers to work in a brand new building and that dream came true for 57 of our staff members in our building,” says Principal Tracy Vik.

The school is having a big impact on students as well, who are becoming more skilled in speaking Spanish.  One 5th grader says it could help her future career.

“There are a lot of bilingual jobs that require you to speak in Spanish, but it’s hard because not everyone knows Spanish in America.  And it’s just really good to know that second language,” says 5th grader Isabella Krenik.

Going forward, one of the school’s goals is to complete more community service projects, so they can continue giving back to the Sioux Falls area.