Snow Chances Move In After Record Breaking Warmth

Record Temperatures Recorded for First Half of November

The one thing I hear from everyone I talk to is “How about this amazing weather? Can’t beat that for November” and the truth is they are correct! The reason? This is the second warmest start we have ever had to the month of November in Sioux Falls. The average temperature, which factors in both the low and high temperatures, through the first half (15 days) of November, is 50.2°, which is just off the record of 50.4° that we saw back in 2001. The average temperature is supposed to be around 37.0° for the first 15 days of the month, so we are WAY above normal with a surplus of 13+ degrees.

There has yet to be a day this month that has averaged a below normal high or low temperature. While Sioux Falls has seen the second warmest 15-day start to November, there are a handful of cities that top the list for their respective records.

This warmth has been a result of a ridging pattern that has been persistent across most of the United States throughout much of the first two weeks of November. Ridging is an extended region of high pressure, which leads to the jet stream being positioned well to our north. This helps to keep colder, polar air out of the area and into northern Canada.

This isn’t just a November thing either. While November is off to a very warm start, it has also been a very warm Meteorological Autumn (Sept 1- Nov 30). The average temperature 57.2°, which ranks 5th warmest so far, and is 6.1+ degrees above the average. If we end the month with an above average temperature (which is very likely) then it would make it the 15th straight month to finish above normal in Sioux Falls as noted below.


While the well above normal temperatures don’t look to last too much longer, the long-term forecast from the Climate Prediction Center does still show above normal warmth across most of the nation. However, I wouldn’t be expecting any temperatures into the 60s or 70s.

While the overall picture has been warm and sunny, there are some changes on the way to end our week. Our first big winter storm system is knocking at the door and is threatening to drop our first flakes across the area. While confidence on the placement and intensity is still low, we are confident that we will see some snowfall across the state. Wednesday evening is the first night we will show expected snow totals.

There is still one more day of the warmth and sunshine on the way for this Wednesday, so make sure you take advantage! We are getting into those winter weather months, and while we could still stay above normal, remember normal becomes the teens and twenties.

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