South Dakota 2018 Ballot Taking Form

Rep. Noem, Attorney General Jackley Prepare For Governor Campaigns

This time last week, Congresswoman Kristi Noem won her fourth term as a U.S. representative.

This week, however, she announced a historic change of pace.

Noem will be running for governor of South Dakota in 2018, seeking to become the first female governor of the state.

After spending this past year campaigning against Paula Hawks, Noem said she will focus on issues such as repealing ObamaCare and working on a new farm bill.

“We just got through one campaign season and we all need a break from politics so while my campaign won’t kick off officially until next year, I want you to know I’m all in,” said Rep. Noem in her announcement.

South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley is also preparing for a run at the governor’s office.

Jackley said despite preparing a run for governor, he remains committed to his work as attorney general.

The 2018 Republican candidate is forming a political committee with $700,000 from his attorney general committee and a separate political action committee.

A spokesperson for Kristi Noem confirmed the announcement to run for governor was expedited due to recently passed campaign finance reform going into effect Wednesday in South Dakota.

Susan Jones Pranger, Executive Director of the South Dakota Democratic Party, said those on the other side of the aisle are frustrated with the timing of these announcements.

She said they believe money plays the largest part in these decisions.

“It’s unfortunate to see that really these people are making their decisions very early on, largely, just to circumvent the will of the people and that’s disappointing,” said Jones Pranger.

Despite losing open seats in this U.S. House and Senate last Tuesday, 2018 presents a renewed optimism in the Democratic Party.

“People will see the results of this republican control and they’re going to want a more balanced government,” said Jones Pranger.

With Rep. Noem and Marty Jackley throwing their hats into the ring, focus goes on possible Democratic challengers.

Jones Pranger said there are no current talks with any candidates for the gubernatorial race or for Noem’s U.S. House seat.

She said the decision will be made by interested candidates, themselves.

Also running for Republican nomination for governor is Dr. Terry LaFleur.

For more information on his announcement, visit his link here.