City Reminds Residents of Safety And Codes For First Snow

Street crews are ready for when the snow begins to fall across the east and the City of Sioux Falls has a few safety and city code reminders for residents during the first snow.

The snow has been making its way eastward throughout Friday and could be falling around I29 starting late Thursday night into the early morning hours Friday through the morning commute as a low pressure system continues to move eastward.

Sand filled the back of a dozen or so snow plows and snow gates were ready in preparation for the snow to begin to fall, even though Galynn Huber, Street and Fleet Operations Manager and his crew have been preparing since the middle of Summer.

Because the snow is expecting to fall in the morning hours and last through, possibly, the morning commute. Sergeant Randy Brink with the Sioux Falls Police wants to remind drivers to slow down when hitting the roadways.

“Speed’s a big factor, obviously. The slower we go, you’re able to maintain the control of your car especially when there’s snow and ice on the road. Pay attention to your surroundings… we’re going to have, probably, this snow event probably during the commute time tomorrow so there’s going to be a lot of cars on the road”

In addition to safety reminders from law enforcement, Matt Tobias, the Code Enforcement Manager for the City of Sioux Falls, wants to remind residents that while you may see plows clearing road… you have a duty to clear your sidewalks within 48 hours of the snow ending.

“If you see one of these green, little door hangers that means we’ve been there and you have, I’ll say, less than 24 hours to fix that… to correct that,” said Matt Tobias. “Or we will, or the city will. We’ll have a contractor go out, we’ll actually clear the sidewalk for you at your cost plus you’ll receive a $100 citation with that.”

Gaylnn Huber also wants to remind those driving to allow for extra room for plows and snow gates and to be aware of rules and expectations if and when a snow alert is issued. By texting SNOW (605) 413-1990 you can receive snow alerts directly to your phone.

When a snow alert is issued, cars must be taken off the streets in either Zone 1, Zone 2 or Zone 3 with Zone 1 being downtown. Vehicles will be ticketed and towed between the hours of 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. You can find out which zone you are in and when you could be ticketed or towed here.