Social Media Movement Aims To Connect Downtown SF Residents

A local start-up is aiming to connect the downtown community while supporting local businesses. 

This past Saturday, start-up founder Lauren Forsch launched a community organization page on Facebook called “Downtownies.”  She says the idea behind the start-up stems from wanting to feel like she’s part of the community she loves.  Forsch is hoping to help encourage relationships among people who live, work, and play in downtown Sioux Falls.  

“We are all coming together around the common theme of wanting downtown to be successful.  We really care about the businesses downtown, about moving our community forward, and that is really the thing that is uniting us,” she says.

“Downtownies” will host events in downtown Sioux Falls throughout the month.  The first event is tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. at Woodgrain Brewing Company.

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