Elegant Mommy Mural in Limbo Over Code Violation

Business owner receives code violation notice from city zoning

“We bought this buildings 5 years ago, and we have purchased it and gutted it and completely remodeled it and turned it into what it is today,” said Shelly Gaddis.

Before it became a chic baby boutique, Gaddis’ Elegant Mommy was Chiyo’s Beauty Salon.

She put blood, sweat, and a lot of hard work in to transform the building into her ideal business. She remodeled the inside first, then turned her artistic eye to the building’s exterior.

“From the day I bought this building, I always envisioned we were going to have a nice big mural on the side of the building,” Gaddis said.

A few weeks ago, that vision became reality in the form of a mural depicting what she calls the parenting journey.

“So we have a mom that is expecting on there, we have a mom who is nursing her young child, we have a mom who is wearing her young child, and we have a dad on there too. Because the reality of it is even though our store name is Elegant Mommy, we really, really work to encompass the whole family.”

The excitement for this new mural was short-lived after a letter from the city informed Gaddis she’s in violation of city code.

“It just explained what it was and said we had 60 days to paint the building, basically.”

The citation states painted wall murals are permitted, however, they are not to have words advertising a business, product or service.

Gaddis says she needs more information to understand the issue and plans to with the city to clarify the code in hopes that her mural can stay.

“They’re simply doing their job. Their job is to interpret and enforce. The thing that we’re hoping to work with city council to get across now and move forward with is fine tuning the way that this ordinance is stated so we can clarify what the original intent of this ordinance was, and then work to figure out a solution that supports small business and people to be able to have not only art on the wall and if words need to be included in that art as well. This is our property, and this is tastefully done and this is a way for us to be able to utilize space that we have here to continue to grow our business and ass tax dollars back into our community.”

Gaddis’ 60 day deadline has been extended to next spring, she’s hoping to find a resolution with the city council before then.