Sioux Falls Sees Smooth First Snow

No Snow Alert Issued For City Despite Five Inches Of Snow

The word “perfect” isn’t thrown around first snow days often.

Sioux Falls Street and Utilities Manager Galynn Huber, however, said Friday’s first snow created a perfect combination for his crews.

“We’ve got warm ground temperatures, we’re going to have sun coming out, it’s right at 31 degrees and it’s really wet so the chemicals are really working well on this,” said Huber.

He said those key factors kept the city from issuing a snow alert.

A decision that Huber says makes a huge difference for tax payers.

“When we call a snow alert, it usually costs around $140,000 per inch once we call snow alert. With just a sanding operation where I don’t have to bring in contractors in, I just bring in city, my street employees plus other city employees. It’s probably going to run about $140,000 total,” said Huber.

There were still headaches for drivers Friday with slick conditions and blustery winds.

Sioux Falls Police reported 43 car accidents during the morning commute with most of them between 7 and 9 a.m.

Officer Sam Clemens said that number is low compared to what they’ve seen in past storms.

Clemens said their advice to drivers this time of year is an annual one: slow down.

“Early in the season, people just keep driving the way they’ve normally been driving and when it comes time to step on the brakes, they realize they’re not going to stop quite as quickly as they would with dry pavement,” said Clemens.

Huber said they will continue to have vehicles out in Sioux Falls Friday night and into Saturday morning, clearing residential areas.

He also said they will be using a sand and salt combination rather than chemicals in neighborhoods to melt the snow.

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