A Look Ahead At The Thanksgiving Forecast

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, along with those Black Friday deals, and while it’s still a couple of days away let’s take a quick look at what the current forecast is on Turkey Day.

Thursday is still too far out for some of our shorter range models like the NAM (Northern American Model) as well as the RAP. However, in our longer range models like the GFS as well as the EURO, Thanksgiving as well as Black Friday is showing up so what are the days shaping up to be like?

First and foremost, I’ll preface with Thursday and Friday are still around a week away which means there’s still a chance that the current forecast could change. As of now, it looks as though the current forecast area could see another round of rain, rain/snow and snow following another low that is forecasted to move through the area beginning Monday night.

Following a high pressure on Wednesday, southerly winds will have primed the atmosphere for another low to develop starting Wednesday night into Thanksgiving morning. This new low will have southerly winds ahead of the main circulation which will have pulled moisture northwards and will eventually wrap around a meet cold air pulled down from Canada on the backside of the low. What does that mean? Snow.

Because Thanksgiving is still four days away the chance for snow as well as total accumulations are still subject to change however, our longer range models have started to turn out some preliminary totals. Unlike the recent snow that fell towards the end of last week, some places could pick up an additional half inch to an inch or so especially towards southeastern and eastern portions of the viewing area. Here’s a look at the totals from both the EURO as well as GFS. Note that they are forecasting that the system that moves through starting Monday will have dropped some snow in southwestern portions of Minnesota and northeastern South Dakota.

Unlike the last system, not only is there less snow forecasted to fall (at this point) but the wind will not be as big as a factor Thursday as well… if you are planning on traveling the day of. However, so you can maximize the amount of time you eat, Wednesday will be mostly cloudy with no precipitation expected so that may be the best day to travel.

Again, this is all according to the last data on Sunday night. The possibility for snow along with snow totals are most likely and will most likely change. However, our longer range models have be consistently showing a system developing and moving through the forecast area starting Wednesday night through Thanksgiving. Of course, we’ll keep you updated throughout the week on both Facebook and Twitter should the forecast change for better… or worse (more snow).

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