Boss’ Pizza Serves Thanksgiving Meal For Others

Sixty Turkeys With Pounds Of Sides For Those In Need Or Without Family

Boss’ pizza in Sioux Falls turns their restaurant into a living room every Thanksgiving.

Sixty turkeys, pounds of green bean casserole and mashed potatoes were all for free for those who needed it.

Owner Jeremy Seefeldt said it’s an experience that lets them reflect on their own Thanksgiving.

“We’re thankful for the ability to be able to do this, we’re thankful for the volunteers that come in and help us, we’re thankful for the vendors that donate food and money for this,” said Seefeldt.

Seefeldt also said the engine to their service is those who give up their Thanksgiving to lend a hand.

“The volunteers are everything to make this thing go,” said Seefeldt.

Volunteer and Seefeldt’s mother, Pam Seefeldt, said spending time away from home is exactly what their family of volunteers looks to do.

For them, passing out the turkey instead of eating it is just as good.

“It fills our hearts and our souls just to see how thankful they are,” said Pam Seefeldt.

Jeremy’s Aunt, Jenny Nelson, said they not only get to spend Thanksgiving together as a family, but also help other get the same feeling.

“The faces say it all. The smiles, conversation and sometimes we get little notes on the table about they were alone for thanksgiving and this was the best thanksgiving they’ve ever had,” said Nelson.

Boss’ Pizza expects to serve close to one thousand people for Thanksgiving.

Their efforts, however, are anything but business as usual.

“It’s really not work. It’s enjoyment and it’s the best way to be,” said Nelson.

Seefeldt said they are able to hold their Thanksgiving meal each year thanks to donations from individuals and food vendors.