Professional Cheerleading Is Hard Work

Nybergs enjoying all that goes into being a Vikings cheerleader

We heard from Karmen and Kirsten Nyberg Tuesday about how exciting it is for them to be Vikings cheerleaders after growing up rooting for the team. But this isn’t Lincoln H.S. or Augustana. They are in the entertainment business just like their sister who’s on the radio every day… And no-one is prouder of them than Kelly…

Kelly Nyberg, Sister:”To be honest with you I’m jealous because I always wish I had done it and they did it… They followed their dreams and I’m very proud of them. It’s really fun to watch …”

The twins were recently back in Sioux Falls greeting Vikings fans at Ace Hardware. They make appearances on a frequent basis along with super long game days and tons of time spent practicing and perfecting their routines… They are without a doubt, top level athletes…

Tami Krause, Vikings Cheerleaders Coach:”They could keep up with professional athletes and I would call them professional athletes with how much stamina it takes. To dance basically for 3 hours on the sidelines or even to just be “on” when you’re engaging with a fan and have that personality on it’s tiring…”

Karmen Nyberg, Vikings Cheerleader:”It’s definitely a lot…It’s physically demanding and more time-consuming than college and obviously everything’s on a bigger scale. Instead of 7,000 people at and Augie game, 66, 000 people, it’s just crazy. I never would have imagined this…”

The Nyberg’s are thrilled to see the growth in the sport of cheer and dance. And they are great role models according to their coach as veterans on the squad. And much like Adrian Peterson and his teammates, these Sioux Falls girls have made it to the top in what they love…

Kirsten Nyberg, Vikings Cheerleader:”This is the top-notch that you can get in cheerleading is being a cheerleader for the NFL. It’s kind of what every cheerleader wants to grow up to be and it’s the ultimate dreams, the ultimate goal…”

Kevin Nyberg, Dad:”They’re athletes and they’ve excelled in their profession. And that acceleration is being a Minnesota Viking cheerleader will stay with them for the rest of their lives…”

The cheerleaders practice twenty hours a week in addition to appearances and the full day on game day that starts at 6 am for a noon kickoff. Cheerleaders are also required to have a full-time job or still be in college.

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