Another Round of Rain and Snow For Sioux Empire

Another low pressure system has begun to march its way through the KDLT viewing area and as it does, it’s bringing not only rain but also snow and a mix of both. By the time it moves on out… some of us across the Missouri River Valley could be starting off December with a decent amount of snow on the ground.

The KDLT Weather Team has been telling you about this low since the middle/end of last week as we saw this low pressure system show up on some of our models. Saturday, the system was digging (when the jet stream digs south) into the West Coast and throughout the overnight hours and into the morning hours on Sunday, the system has not only moved into the forecasting area but also brought plenty of rain… which will eventually turn over to snow.

Southeasterly winds, breezy at times across the east, have helped not only prime the atmosphere for this incoming low but also helped advect, or transport, moisture northwards. While dew points were dry on Saturday, into the 20s and 30s, they’ve climbed into the 30s and 40s Sunday afternoon as the rain continued to fall. These winds will remain out of the southeast but will eventually turn out of the southwest, west then northwest on the backside which will help transport cooler air down from Canada helping turn the rain… to snow.

Dew points as of Sunday 5pm

The snow is expected to start as early as Sunday night, mainly across northern portions of the Missouri River Valley, as temperatures drop to, below or just above freezing.

Into Monday, as temperatures warm up into the afternoon, the snow will turn more into a mix across southeastern portions of the viewing area but still remain as snow across the northwest. Throughout this time, though, winds will continue to turn out of the northwest which means by Tuesday, we’ll see less of a threat for rain and more of a threat for snow.

By Tuesday, the low will be on the way out but we’ll still see snow falling across western portions of the viewing area due to wrap around moisture lingering in the atmosphere. The snow should finally taper off by Wednesday, but those of us in the northeast could still see some lingering light flurries. Which means Thursday, the start of December, could be white for some of us.

The snow accumulations are based on data on Sunday, so there will most likely be another update coming in Monday morning and Monday afternoon as we enter into the heart of this event. However, we are confident that the heaviest snow is going to fall across northern portions of the Missouri River Valley where 5″+ of snow could accumulate by the time this low finally exits.

Make sure that you are following KDLT Weather on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates when it comes to snow totals, tracking of the low as well as watches, warnings and advisories. As of Sunday night, there were no winter weather related watches or warnings issued for the forecast area. Also make sure you are following the meteorologists as well on Twitter or Facebook.

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