The Daily Scoop 11-24-2016

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Tater and Tot are pardoned

Two very lucky turkeys will be safe from thanksgiving dinner this year. Yesterday marked the 69th anniversary of the Thanksgiving turkey presentation and President Obama’s final turkey pardon.

The 2016 turkey is an 18-week-old, 40-pound turkey named “Tater” who was raised in northwest Iowa. His name, along with alternate turkey named “Tot,” was chosen by Iowa school children. Tater and Tot will live out their days at Virginia Tech’s newly built “Gobblers Rest.”

They’ll be cared for by students and veterinarians in the university’s animal and poultry sciences department.

Macy’s Day Parade

And it’s not Thanksgiving without the Macy’s Day parade.

This year marks the 90th anniversary of the annual tradition. The parade will bring more than three million people out on the streets of New York with more than 50 million around the world expected to tune in and watch at home. The celebration will feature 16 giant balloons, including the return of Charlie Brown and the debut of a balloon from the new movie “Trolls.”

While this year’s parade will feature stepped up security, New Yorkers say they don’t expect it to change the way they celebrate turkey day.

Amazing Trick Shot

An Australian man set the Guinness World Record for the highest basketball shot, launching the ball from the top of a huge Swiss dam.

Derek Herron, 28, threw the ball 593 feet from the top of this dam in the Swiss Alps. It’s one of the highest dams in the world. He made the shot on just the third attempt!

He came here to break the record with two of his friends, and the trio posted video of the amazing shot on social media.