KDLT Delivers Gold Coin Donation From Anonymous Givers

We’re in the season of giving and it’s even more special this year at KDLT.  Two anonymous donors have chosen us to deliver gifts to different groups and people in need.

These silent givers want to inspire others to share their wealth and even volunteer at charitable organizations.  We continue our series by dropping in at a nonprofit dedicated to changing the lives of women in our community.

On Wednesday afternoon, Beth Jones, the Executive Director of Tapestry International Ministry, opens an envelope given to her by KDLT.  At first, she’s not sure what to make of it.  We explain that it contains a letter and a gold coin valued at more than $1,000.

“It’s beautiful, I love it!” Beth exclaims.

She goes on to read the letter from two anonymous donors who learned some women in Sioux Falls are forced into human trafficking and that there’s an organization, her organization, trying to help them.

“I love this, I love the community of Sioux Falls!” she says.

Beth is truly touched by the donors’ kind words about giving back.

“It’s so beautiful, I love the community of Sioux Falls.  There’s so much rallying around good causes, but it’s so beautiful to have this gift so thank you so much,” she says.

We sat down with Beth after to find out more about Tapestry International Ministry.  It’s a faith-based nonprofit working to help women at risk of homelessness or criminal activity like sexual exploitation, gangs and drugs.

“We relationship build where women are vulnerable.  We have an outreach into the strip clubs, we have an outreach out on the streets.  We have collaborations with other amazing ministries in town so when we meet women who are vulnerable to sexual exploitation or homelessness we can guide them to the direct place they need to go,” Beth explains.

She’s all smiles and hugs after getting this surprise gift and says it’ll be used to continue the ministry’s mission.

“We have a lot of amazing churches that donate different things we use on outreaches like, when we got to strip clubs we put together bags of beautiful bottles of perfume and makeup and so some of those things can be costly.  So, I’m excited to use this to bless more women in our community, too, on the outreaches we do,” Beth adds.

Beth says Tapestry International Ministry relies solely on donations for funding.

The full letter reads:

“Dear Sioux Falls Tapestry International Office,

A couple of weeks ago, a wonderful young friend brought your group to our attention.  She explained that there are young women in Sioux Falls & in South Dakota who are forced into prostitution and are swept up into human trafficking. 

I and my business partner in our small business in Sioux Falls don’t believe any people should be treated this way and would like to help.  Please accept this gold coin & sue it to help these young women.

We hope this will inspire others to donate to your group but also to step up and volunteer with your office.  We all have God-given talents to share. 

How cool is it that you have a prayer coordinator in your group– now that’s how to get things done!

Anyone, any amount, anyplace, anytime, any gift,